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eWON Netbiter EC360 Remote Monitoring Gateway

eWON Netbiter EC360 Remote Monitoring Gateway

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Do you need to monitor and control your generator, transfer switch, energy storage system or any other equipment remotely? Genergizer can help you do it with the Netbiter range of remote monitoring gateways, no matter where your field equipment is located.

Just connect it to a Netbiter gateway and you will be able to access it online in a regular web browser. The plug-and-play functionality makes it possible to perform large scale installations within minutes. 

Edge connectivity gateway exchanging data over Cellular 4G or Ethernet to the Netbiter Argos IIoT platform.

The EC360 edge connectivity gateway is the hardware part of the Ewon Netbiter Remote Management solution. The gateway connects to your field equipment and securely exchanges data with the Argos IOT platform over a Cellular 3G or Ethernet network. From here you can simply login to Argos and start to manage your installations.

How it works

Connect in minutes and access your data from the cloud

  • A Netbiter communication gateway connects to your equipment in the field. The gateway exchanges data via cellular network or Ethernet to the Netbiter Argos IIOT platform in the cloud.
  • Netbiter Argos is a secure, cloud-based service that provides a centalized point of deployment, configuration and data presentation.
  • The Netbiter Argos services are included with the hardware. The services can be upgraded to provide additional features.



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92 x 135 x 27 mm

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