Remote monitoring and management systems

Do you need to monitor a hybrid power system with utility, generators, solar, battery storage and transfer switches on one screen? A lot of industrial equipment manufactures provide monitoring options, but it's limited to just their equipment. You may have 5 different logins and screens to monitor a power system. We can help you monitor all the equipment on one page, securely and in a cost effective manner.

We look at your application and requirements (how you want to view the data, alarm notification methods, control requirements, security, cost of implementation, monitoring services, etc) to provide the best solution using IoT devices or industrial monitoring gateways. 

Monitoring System for multiple devices and facilities

Generator monitoring using eWon Netbiter from HMS Industrial Networks

If you just want to monitor and log the temperature, humidity, and opening and closing of doors to a room (e.g.- server room, clean room, etc), we can provide a simple low cost solution for that too.

Temperature and Humidity monitoring Temperature and humidity log

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Energy Storage System Sizing

We can help you optimize power and energy sizing of an energy storage system (ESS) to get the most of your investment.

Undersized inverters and batteries can result in a power outage when you need it most, reduce the life of the system or damage it. Some suppliers may offer oversized systems to overcome this problem resulting in an expensive but underutilized system.

Let us monitor and analyze your energy use to help you decide the equipment to backup, and recommend the optimum power and energy rating for your home or office. We can also source the equipment for you or help you select a product if needed. 

   Energy use graph.   Energy usage

Energy usage data for analysis


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