HYbrid Energy HES Mini 20kW 48Vdc Generator

The HES Mini is a hybrid generator designed for providing primary power to off-grid telecom sites that have 48Vdc equipment. This unit can save from 30-50% on fuel and O&M costs on a typical telecom site, and these savings can be increased by adding solar panels (plug and play). This unit includes

- DC generator powered by a Perkins 404D-22 engine coupled to a Permanent Magnet DC alternator

- Battery rack capable of holding up to 52kWh of LG Chem Li-ion batteries allowing the system to be optimally sized based on the site load.

- 1000L Base fuel tank tank to long autonomy

- Advanced hybrid controller with remote monitoring and control

- Optional solar panels with frame for mounting above the hybrid generator.

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Please click here for a complete specification sheet or contact us to discuss your application and get more information.

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sonnen ecoLinx 30

Sonnen Energy Storage Systems

Genergizer has partnered with sonnen, a global leader in safe, reliable, and long-lasting energy storage.

Meet your ultimate home battery solution.

sonnen designs the smartest and safest residential battery systems that keep homes powered, day and night — even during power outages. With 50,000 cobalt-free batteries installed since 2010, sonnen is a global pioneer in energy storage technology. Each sonnen system comes with superior craftsmanship, an unbeatable 10+ warranty, and seamless integration with solar for cleaner, healthier living.

Enjoy a cleaner, healthier home.

Pair sonnen’s next-level eco and ecoLinx battery solutions with your solar system to keep the lights on and reduce your carbon footprint.

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LG Chem 48V 63Ah Battery Modules (Model EM048063P3S1)

These brand new Lithium Ion modules are primarily designed for telecom applications, suitable for providing backup power or cycling applications to telecom sites. The battery modules are rated at 3.2kWh with a nominal voltage of 51.8Vdc and are designed to be mounted in a 19" rack with 2U height.

Each battery has a built in BMS that monitors each cell in the battery. Up to 10 batteries can be connected in parallel to provide a 48V 630Ah (32kWh) battery system. These brand new battery modules are packed in boxes that hold 8 modules (original LG Chem packing, never opened). Please click here for the data sheet or contact us for full specifications, pricing and delivery options. 

[1] At standard conditions:
 • Charge: CC-CV, with 0.3CC, to 58.8V (3.15A cut off) at 25℃
• Discharge: CC, with 0.3CC, to 42V at 25℃
 [1] It can be derated in accordance with the power limit by the BMS. 

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Nominal Voltage                                          : 51.8V
Operating Voltage                                       : 42~58.8V
Floating Voltage                                           : 57.4V Max.
Max. Charge/Discharge Current[1]          : 63 A
Max. Charge/Discharge Power2               : 3.3 kW
Continuous Charge/Discharge Power2  : 3.0 kW
Round-Trip Efficiency                                  : 95% or more

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