EWON Netbiter EC350 Remote Monitoring and Control Gateways by HMS Networks

EWON Netbiter EC350 Remote Monitoring and Control Gateways by HMS Networks

These are 3 generations of the Netbiter EC 350 remote monitoring gateway. These remote monitoring and control gateways can gather read/write data from/to multiple connected devices such as generators, fuel systems, telecom equipment, industrial control systems, etc using CAN bus, RS485, Modbus TCP and RS232 protocols. The data is then transmitted securely via an ethernet connection or mobile data SIM to the highly secure Argos server.

This data can then be viewed as raw data or be used to create visual dashboards, graphs and reports to monitor the connected devices by logging into user accounts at www.netbiter.net. The devices can also be controlled if the downstream controllers have the capability. Multiple user logins with varying access levels can be created, and thousands of Netbiter devices with connected equipment can be monitored and controlled. Devices can also be grouped into multiple layers for easy monitoring (e.g.- different teams having access to different systems, customer support with partial monitoring access and technicians with monitoring and control access and engineers with full admin access).

The data is backed up in secure servers that can be stored for extended periods if required. Each Netbiter comes with standard monitoring for that device with 50,000 data points stored on a FIFO basis. Subscriptions are available for monitoring multiple devices and storage of more data points if required.

Specifications, photos and videos are available in the "Shop" section. Please write to us at info@genergizer.com if you need more information or to find out if this device can meet your needs.

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