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Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

We offer complete energy storage systems from SimpliPHI Power, a Briggs & Stratton company. These systems include a hybrid inverter charger that can work with mains or off-grid and have a built in MPPT solar charge controller, transfer switch for mains and generator connection and automatic generator start functionality (if a generator is connected to the system). They also include LFP based batteries designed and made in USA. 

We can also supply Sol-Ark or Victron inverter chargers together with Deka Solar / Unigy lead acid from East Penn Manufacturing or Deka Duration Lithium batteries from MK Power for residential, commercial and industrial energy storage systems that are safe, reliable and efficient based on your needs.
Energy Storage Systems come in many different power & energy ratings and offer different features. We will work with you to select the optimum system based on your application, budget, maximum power demand, backup time (energy capacity), space availability, utility power availability, solar or wind integration, ambient conditions, regulatory requirements, shipping, destination (parts and technician availability), monitoring requirements, etc.

Hybrid Generators

Hybrid generators can save from 30-50% on fuel and O&M costs on a typical prime power applications such as telecom sites. These savings can be increased by adding plug and play solar panels.


The HES Mini all in one unit pictured above is designed for providing primary power to off-grid telecom sites that have 48Vdc equipment

- Perkins 404D-22 engine powered DC generator
- Battery rack capable of holding up to 52kWh of LG Chem Li-ion batteries
- 1000L Base fuel tank tank to long autonomy
- Advanced hybrid controller with remote monitoring and control
- Optional solar panels and frame.

Please click here for a complete specification sheet or contact us to discuss your application and get more information.

These can also be used for other applications that requires AC power by incorporating an inverter. 


Remote Monitoring & Management Systems

Remote Management Systems that enable you to monitor and control your equipment from your home, office or while on the road is now a necessity.
We primarily use eWon Netbiter gateways (EC350, EC360) from HMS Networks, a leader in industrial ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and IIoT. Please 
contact us to discuss your application and get more information.

A solution from Genergizer enables you to gather valuable data and insights from industrial equipment. Reduce costs (e.g. - labor, transport, truck rolls, emergency repairs, theft reduction, etc) while improving efficiency, reliability, productivity, business continuity and sustainability. Solutions for telecoms, factories, hotels, supermarkets, etc to monitor generators, transfer switches, engines, mains power systems, air conditioning, Battery Energy Storage Systems, etc.


Solar Panels and Accessories

Small high efficiency solar panels for battery charging and emergency power applications can be purchased online in the SHOP page, while large arrays for residential and commercial applications can be quoted as per project needs. Please contact us to discuss your application and get more information.

SunPower 50W mono crystalline high efficiency flexible solar panel

Mono or poly crystalline, flexible or glass laminated, all black or aluminum framed, Genergizer can supply many types of solar panels based on your requirement. 

We will help you decide on and source the most suitable type of panels, mounting hardware, inverters, cables, protection, distribution and backup storage with industry leading efficiency, reliability & warranty for your project at a competitive price.  


Victron Energy Inverter Chargers

The Victron Energy MultiPlus-II is a multifunctional combined inverter and charger in one elegant package. Its many features include a true sine wave inverter, adaptive charging, hybrid PowerAssist technology, plus multiple system integration features. An external current sensor option which extends the PowerControl and PowerAssist function.

The MultiPlus-II is ideally suited for professional marine, yachting, vehicle and land based off-grid applications. It also has built-in anti-islanding functionality, and an increasingly long list of country approvals for ESS application. Several system configurations are possible. For more detailed information see the ESS Design and configuration manual here.


Victron Energy MultiPlus-II inverter charger_newVictron Energy Multiplus-II Inverter Charger Bottom connections

Please click here for a complete specification sheet or contact us to discuss your application and get more information.